• Serge Bataillie
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Etienne Wagner
    Head of Compliance and Internal Audit
  • Vanessa Roux Collet
    General Counsel Europe
  • Philip Olmer
    Head of Legal and Compliance - London
  • Executive Committee Representative

Key Professionals

European Risk Committee

The mission of the European Risk Committee is to oversee the operational risk management at group level, including:

  • - Prevention of risks
  • - Identification of incidents
  • - Follow-up on post incident action plans
  • - Monitoring of action plans following external audits or internal controls (permanent monitoring plan)

This committee oversees all aspects of operational risks, including procedures, insurance policies and the business continuity plan.

Serge Bataillie
Etienne Wagner
Vanessa Roux Collet
Philip Olmer
Executive Committee Representative