AEW UK - Terms and Conditions Relating to Property Introductions

AEW UK require that all property introductions are submitted via Propex. Where an introducer does not subscribe to Propex, introductions can be sent to However, please note that introductions made via e-mail will not be registered on our system until the following working day.

No verbal or written communication received or sent is capable of creating a binding agreement unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by AEW UK.

AEW UK reserves the right in its absolute discretion whether to accept an introduction. Your submission of an introduction of a property to AEW UK will constitute your agreement to and acceptance of this.

An introduction to AEW UK does not constitute an introduction to AEW Europe, AEW Capital Management or any associated companies and vice versa.

Where an opportunity has been introduced by more than one person, AEW UK reserve the right in its absolute discretion to select the most appropriate person.

Acceptance of an introduction is expressly on the understanding that:

  • The introducer has no conflict of interest and will only be representing AEW UK in the acquisition of the property and the introducer specifically confirms that it will not be representing any other person in a competing bid for the relevant property; and
  • The introducer's fee is to be agreed by negotiation and subject to our standard terms of engagement as displayed on this page.

If a property has been introduced and rejected, a re-submission will be treated as a new introduction. This will need to be made on the same terms as the paragraphs above.

Where AEW UK have rejected an introduction, we reserve the right to recognise a subsequent introduction of a property by another party without being liable to the initial introducing party where, for example (without limitation) a reasonable period of time has expired or there are changes in offer terms.