Research Mission & Process

AEW Europe takes a research-based approach to real estate investment and fund management. Drawing upon a series of research methodologies and tools developed for the European marketplace, the research team is integral to strategy design and the targeting of specific investment markets and product types.

By using best in class data providers for economics, real estate and capital markets analysis, the research & strategy team function primarily as strategists, economists and market forecasters. Covering public, private, debt and equity markets, the European team operates within the Global Research Group of 14 international specialists, allowing the firm gain access to the widest possible range of international expertise, skills and market intelligence.

In shaping strategy, the team seeks to identify secular trends, understand cycles and explain the local market dynamics that influence all the major property types and across the fullest range of local urban geographies. We believe that research should be fully integrated into our business and the team works side by side with our professionals in all stages of the investment, financing and asset management process. To reinforce the role of research the firm insists that the senior strategist is a standing member of all investment committees. We encourage our research team to publish their work and actively engage in the industry to promote thought-leadership in the industry. Samples of their work are available on this site. For further information please contact the senior international researchers listed below.